Gardening and Landscape Service

Lakeville Landscape Maintenance Service

Yale Creek Seasonal care offers a variety of services for your landscape maintenance needs.  We have a strong attention to detail that reflects in our passion for landscape care.  After the spring freeze, we can install annual flowers that will last all summer long.  As summer progresses other landscape needs will arise and will be here to take care of your gardens and landscape beds.

Landscape and Garden Services:

  • Annual Flower Garden and Container Installation
  • Pruning of Shrubs and Perennials
  • Bush Trimming
  • Weed Maintenance
  • Flower, Shrub and Tree Installation 
  • Plant and Tree Replacement


Spring in Lakeville, and surrounding areas, is a good time to rejuvenate your landscape by adding fresh mulch.  Mulching helps keeps plants cooler; conserves soil moisture, which allows you to water less often; keep down weeds; reduce soil erosion; provide winter protection; and make your yard more attractive.  By adding natural mulch or the dyed mulch will help keep your landscape look its best.  

Mulch Bed in Lakeville mulch garden in lakeville

Fall & Spring Clean-Up

Yard clean up

Debris Removal Services

One of the tricks to a beautiful yard is spring and fall clean-up. Removing the debris in a timely fashion is essential to a healthy lawn. 

  • Leaf Removal and Disposal.
  • Perennial Garden Pruning.
  • De-Thatching of lawn.

Yard Clean-Up Service...


Seasonal Outdoor Decor

Minneapolis Outdoor Decorations

Outdoor Enhancements

The changing of the seasons is a great opportunity to bring the warmth of your home to the front porch with natural seasonal decor.


  • Spruce Top Planters.
  • Customized Seasonal Designs
  • Unique Outdoor Creations

Outdoor Decor Service...


Lawn Care & Maintenance

Lakeville Lawn Care

Yard & Lawn Services

We take great pride in making your lawn look its best. Using our commercial grade mowers, a perfect cut is guaranteed.


  • Cutting and Maintaining Grass.
  • Fertilizer Applications.
  • String Trimming and Edging.

Lawn Care Service...


Snow Removal Service

Lakeville Snow Removal

Winter Weather

When it comes to snow plowing and snow removal in Lakeville, Burnsville or surrounding areas, we have the experience you need to get the job done!


  • Commercial and Residential Plowing.
  • Clearing Walks with Blowers and Shovels.
  • Complete Deicing Services.

Snow Removal Service...


Service Area


Minneapolis - St. Paul

We provide our lawn and snow service to the southern portion of  Minneapolis - St. Paul Minnesota. 


South Metro

West Metro

North Metro

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